>New Orleans Recapitulation

>New Orleans’ geography is inimical to its well being. Located at the delta of the Mississippi, it was a regional port of entry, and strategically placed for the distribution of goods along the waterways of the United States. In turn, it was also the city on the Gulf of Mexico, and arguably the Southern U.S. TodayContinue reading “>New Orleans Recapitulation”

>Don’t Be Scared! Really.

> Blauer Schlumpf (Blue Smurf), 2009Andre Butzer’s show at Metro Pictures, “Nicht furchten!” (Don’t be scared!) lasts until May 1, and is a menagerie of color, popular culture and pathos. These huge canvases are slathered in paint, an effect that the viewer can actually smell upon arrival. Globs of neon green, explosions of red, andContinue reading “>Don’t Be Scared! Really.”

>Eye Scream Sunday

> The other night was sultry, with gray clouds rolling over the sky and a mid-August feel despite the fact that it was only April. The magnolia in the backyard rollicked in the breeze, its pink petals just beginning to bloom at the top of the tree, and I ate my spaghtetti and arrabiata tomatoContinue reading “>Eye Scream Sunday”

>Baudelaire and Millenialism

> Baudelaire is a boss. His 1857 work, Fleurs de Mal (Flowers of Evil) is arguably the most important French poetic work from the 19th century. It inspired a movement of symbolists, and helped to create modern poetry. Symbolism was all about generating emotion through metaphor and comparison, all with the help of a PlatonicContinue reading “>Baudelaire and Millenialism”

>Neurosurgery Confessionals

> I wrote this my freshman year of college for my writing class:  My dad wasn’t around much when I was younger because he was in his residency until he was 36. I can’t blame him  though, since he has to deal with life and death on an unparalleled basis.  This I came to understandContinue reading “>Neurosurgery Confessionals”

>…and the Birth of Millenialism

> Our present moment of incipient socialism is inexorably changing art. The globalization of the past decade was supposed to destroy cultures and languages, but in fact, has done just the opposite, unifying groups hitherto incapable of reaching each other. Information is more readily available, because of the Internet, the great democratizing tool, and itsContinue reading “>…and the Birth of Millenialism”