>Facebook in Post Postmodernism

> He signed onto Facebook, one of the earliest and most powerful social mapping sites that existed online. He was friends with both Daphne and Dela, in the same way he was friends with Tatiana; it was common for acquaintances to keep online tabs on each other. The key was to alert the former’s attentionContinue reading “>Facebook in Post Postmodernism”

>21st Century Avant Garde Art

>For those of you who haven’t seen this, I think it’s pretty characteristic of our post postmodernism. We love pure emotion – we laugh at it, mock it, parody it; I almost cried when I watched this for the first time. Watch the above first. Perfect. Not only can everyone relate to this, but evenContinue reading “>21st Century Avant Garde Art”

>That Big City Feeling

>     On a summer morning, when you walk along the street and people are beginning their days, you get the big city feel. It’s inspired by sirens, or by the smiling face of another stroller, and it says to you, welcome, welcome to life, this hot day is another of many that you have beenContinue reading “>That Big City Feeling”


> A post postmodern dialogue between some New York writers at The Archive: “I’m going to start a blog. It’s going to be called GD.”“Like god damn?”“No it stands for gonna die.”“Ahh.”“It’s going to be short posts about fuckin’ shit that makes you wanna die.”“Like fml?” says Gio.“What’s fml?”“Oh, fml started as a blog?!”“Yea.”“Wow, thatContinue reading “>GD”

>Bach and the Waterbottle Fugue

> Johann Sebastian Bach loved his god. He dedicated every Sunday to him, and every Sunday for three years wrote a cantata. A cantata is a medium length narrative piece of music with vocals and orchestral suites. He was a master, logged in his 10,000 hours, and could sit down and write a three hourContinue reading “>Bach and the Waterbottle Fugue”