>Continental Lovegames in Post Postmodernism

> Daniel Adler serenading his  true love. Americans are afraid to fall in love, because they’re afraid of being made vulnerable. In South America, they know how to play the game, so they play it, and they play it well. There’s a girl with beautiful blue eyes sitting at a bar, and an Argentine manContinue reading “>Continental Lovegames in Post Postmodernism”

>Drugs in Post Postmodernism: The H Train

>  There was a knock on the door. It was Buckley. He was solemn, with puffy eyes and a sadness that emanated from his soul. “Hey man. How are you doing?” His voice quavered slightly. Gabriel last saw him a few days ago. He invited him in and they walked down the hall to Gabe’sContinue reading “>Drugs in Post Postmodernism: The H Train”

>Happiness in Post Postmodernism

> A recent most popular article in the New York Times exemplifies how the generation of Daniel Adler is jettisoning the “work hard, spend hard” mantra that kept capitalism thriving throughout the latter half of the 20th century. It’s too easy to get stuck in the cycle of buying and shopping, only to go backContinue reading “>Happiness in Post Postmodernism”

>It’s My Birthday and I’ll Party If I Want To.

> Daniel Adler : 21st Bday Pic. I know some of you may be resentful of people like me, but I get what I want on my birthday. Not presents. I don’t care anymore about material shit like that. But little things, like the music on the radio. What kind of wine we’re having forContinue reading “>It’s My Birthday and I’ll Party If I Want To.”