>Coffee Klatch: National Coffee Day

> Yesterday was National Coffee Day. Portland is a city of coffee. Stumptown roasters come from the eponymous northwest town in the corner of the United States, so dubbed because one hundred years ago it was full of stumps from the booming logging industry. Ace Hotel, originally from Portland and now in New York andContinue reading “>Coffee Klatch: National Coffee Day”

>A Weekend in Portland, OR

> Today I went to the Portland Farmers Market. The late morning shadows filtered through the oaks and beeches, dappling the ground as we walked through the Portland State campus. Suddenly food stands arrived and clusters of people surrounded them, looking, sampling and buying. There were purple peppers, golden cauliflowers, native oysters, chevre, pistachio pestos,Continue reading “>A Weekend in Portland, OR”

>My Pledge to America: LGA

> Americans sit and read in post postmodernism, play with their phones, hungrily eat heavily sugared treats. Different faces and colors, hairstyles and bodies, they wait for their time to be called by the airlines. A man with a weak jaw and a heavy droopy mustache walks along. Travellers more practiced look tired, less eagerContinue reading “>My Pledge to America: LGA”

>Daniel Adler Goes Home

> Dear Blog Audience,Over the next two weeks, I will be in Oregon with my crazy uncle, my granny and her small Chinese Crested Powderpuff (above). Many adventures will follow. Although I have officially spent more of my life in New York, Oregon holds a place dear in my heart. In fact, the feminine protagonistContinue reading “>Daniel Adler Goes Home”

>Stink Bugs and Apartments

> The new home of Daniel Adler and family is 105 Grattan St. The area teems with young, individually minded people, and awaits imminent gentrification. Instead of the condescending, measuring looks people give when you’re on Bedford Ave., the people here nod and, if you do, smile. They are locals, and because you know aboutContinue reading “>Stink Bugs and Apartments”

>PBR: Why It Is So Loved

> Pabst Blue Ribbon is one of the shitty beers Brooklyn hipsters cherish. Now don’t get me wrong, I love PBR for all its $10 hangover-inducing glory, but for around a dollar a can, there are cheaper beers out there. But PBR is the cheapest, and most widely available. That means the drunkest. In theContinue reading “>PBR: Why It Is So Loved”

>The Meaning of September: Post Postmodernism and Change

> September is the most popular birthday month. Surprised? You shoudn’t be. During those cold winter holidays, everyone couples up and huddles close. Anyway, with all these babies being born, school starting again, and the beginning of the end of the year, you may feel that vague fear that comes before impending change, especially ifContinue reading “>The Meaning of September: Post Postmodernism and Change”

>Sea of Consciousness Pt. II

> Shimmer glisten sparkle.  Striated waves underneath a spectrum of blues. Plateaus of clouds and low lying moisture expand and drift like nebulae. The boat cruises on the waves and makes the magnified sound of wind blowing through reeds. The way a small boy cries to let his older brother and his friends know they’veContinue reading “>Sea of Consciousness Pt. II”

>When Will Post Postmodernism Start Already???

>  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Dickens’ famous first sentence still resounds so clearly because of its universality – every age can apply it to their own. But that doesn’t mean we’re all vain; it means that we all need to focus on what makes our moment special.Continue reading “>When Will Post Postmodernism Start Already???”