>The Best American Writer-Ever

> My hero. In the realm of classic literature, there are a few American names that spring to mind. Let us proceed chronologically. 19th Century: Poe, Twain or Melville are the only ones who stand a chance of being called the greatest American writer. Huck Finn is one of the most influential books in ourContinue reading “>The Best American Writer-Ever”

>The Chicago Mayoral Election in Post Postmodernism

> Trending, I’m going to write a book with Tweets and Facebook status updates. And a dream chapter. So Rahm Emanuel is going to win the Chicago mayoral election, which is cool. Chicago’s mayor is a big deal because Chicago is one of our finest cities. There is always the possibility though, that Houston hasContinue reading “>The Chicago Mayoral Election in Post Postmodernism”

>Coriolanus, Lemon Chicken Recipe, Jimmy Stewart

>  How do you lose a sixteen-inch screw?I gotta run money, gotta get up, it’s the first of the month.Throwing a hot dog in a hallway, you don’t know where it goes.Gorilla snot with a stitched catty backseam, but it’s all about stockings. Jimmy Stewart, in The Naked Spur, is how I want my sonContinue reading “>Coriolanus, Lemon Chicken Recipe, Jimmy Stewart”

>1 Year Edit On Williamsburg Skate Rounds

>     But the Williamsburg bridge Buckley and I skated best. Ride red and blue: steel mesh caging smears uptown Manhattan. Until the river is directly below you skate uphill, a drag worth it for the ride down. The grade steepens, you close in to the shore and shadows play catch up, running over eachContinue reading “>1 Year Edit On Williamsburg Skate Rounds”

>A Post Postmodern Moment

>  Mr. Quinn had grown up in small-town Pennsylvania. His father was a coal-miner and worked hard all day. After their shift he and the boys went to the local watering hole before heading home. Three times out of four, Davy’s father came home to hear his weak wife complain about something Davy had done,Continue reading “>A Post Postmodern Moment”

>Help: A Post Postmodern Dilemma

> Bernini’s “Apollo and Daphne“ Dear Gorgeous, So far this has been my blog. I’m totally willing to publish anything you guys think is relevant. I mean, it is an internet warehouse after all, it’s supposed to store a lot of different stuff. Anyway I’ve been thinking about my book lately, the ol’ Hot LoveContinue reading “>Help: A Post Postmodern Dilemma”

>The Friendship Garden

> Social class and similar interests are the most important fertilizers in the friendship garden, and sowing requires effort. From there, the sunlight of frequency and the water of luck bring forth agape flowers.  Some people are grounded. You can tell this immediately from the flash in their eyes and their first words. But thenContinue reading “>The Friendship Garden”

>Postmodern Classic Literature: Bright Lights, Big City

> The second person is a fine technique to use. It is adjuratory and precise. The first person is confessional. The two effects are distinct. In Jay McInerney’s classic literature roman a clef, the second person is exhortatory, nearly allowing us as readers to tell the protagonist how best to deal with his sexual abandonmentContinue reading “>Postmodern Classic Literature: Bright Lights, Big City”

>Back in the Soup Kitchen

> The days became shorter, slowly. When the heat peaked, people did not like to exert themselves, their tempers flared, and they had little patience. Even the homeless folks in the kitchen were slow to move, eager to take their time. 
Eventually he could not bear it any longer. He had to say something toContinue reading “>Back in the Soup Kitchen”