Classic Literature on Friday Night

classic literatureIt feels good to consolidate. There is a lot to do in the spring because it is the time to sow, so that in the fall I can reap. I am reading new additions to classic literature: Ham On Rye finally and The Savage Detectives, both of which are engaging narratives. I especially appreciate the sex in the beginning of the Bolano. I don’t know how to add the tilda to the n, but for those who aren’t familiar with his work, that is how you pronounce his name, with a tilda or to those who don’t know Spanish, the squiggly line that goes over n’s, over the n.

I have eight pages of The Unnamable left. It is interesting. The narrator’s ability to talk to himself about himself is very much like what I intend to do in Hot Love On The Wing, but Becket’s work is stripped of all narrative. And it can seem repetitive, though the prose is crystalline like a forest stream. It burbles. Good word, that – burble. Anyway.

It is Friday night and I suppose there will be socializing for me. Unless no one calls me and I decide to not go out and be reclusive and work and read and write. Which would be productive, but which also could lead to a lack of moderation if I go out tomorrow or Sunday or Monday, since I have a four day weekend. #Happy.

Published by Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel was born in Brooklyn, NY, and has lived in Portland, Oregon. He studied literature and philosophy at NYU and creative writing at Edinburgh University. He is finishing an MFA in Fiction at University of South Carolina.

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