Daniel Adler Reads Tales of the Metropolis

The Chrysler Building was vying with 40 Wall Street for tallest in the City. It was the end o the gilded age in 1929. Overnight the architect added the needle, which was assembled in five separate sections in only ninety minutes, adding a over hundred feet to the building’s height. It was the city’s tallestContinue reading “Daniel Adler Reads Tales of the Metropolis”

The Post Postmodern Dilemma

We don’t want to regret anything. Mistakes are one thing, but regrets are a no-no. So what do we do if we have a regret?  Change a memory so it becomes a mistake. This takes time. Over the course of say, five or ten years, you can train your memory to forget or to changeContinue reading “The Post Postmodern Dilemma”

The 7 Train Extension

It’s raining and the water comes down in little diamond sparkles and guys enter the cafe soaked with hair pushed off to one side of their foreheads and their thick glasses spotty with raindrops. The bush outside the cafe waves and twitters and rocks back and forth. Today I explored the 7 train extension inContinue reading “The 7 Train Extension”

The Modernist Great American Novel

I just finished John Dos Passos’ 1919, the second installment of U.S.A., one of the Great American Novels. When I looked for it on Bedford Avenue, the bookseller told me that not many people read him any more, which is a shame because he really is great. As Norman Mailer said, “Hemingway, Faulkner, Dreiser, andContinue reading “The Modernist Great American Novel”

Articles and the History of “The”

The definite article and the indefinite article are important in English. I prefer the former. It is the most common word in English. In German it precedes every noun. In our language it is a conflation of the Old English definite article se, in masculine, seo in feminine and þaet. That p letter is aContinue reading “Articles and the History of “The””

A Post Postmodern Italy

We rented a car and stocked up at the supermercado with formaggi and tomatoes and salami and olives and cold and hot salads and sat in the small Euro car traffic. We drove past Carrarra marble fields where Michelangelo handpicked his canvases and the waking slaves were probably his realization that the rocks weren’t whatContinue reading “A Post Postmodern Italy”

Feast Heartily at the Table of Love

“She could feast heartily at the table of love without reflecting that some other had already been, or hereafter might be, feasted with the same repast.” – Tom Jones, 420 Monday during class Daphne and I sat together. Things were calm but the sexual tension built when I let it. After class we walked toContinue reading “Feast Heartily at the Table of Love”

Plot and Psychological Complexity are Crucial to Post Postmodern Fiction

So I’ve been thinking a lot about plot and the chronology of my story. Yeah, plot is important because you’ve got to hook the reader, don’t want him to feel like reading is a drag, although usually when that happens the truth-grains are thicker and tastier after they’ve eventually been digested as per plot-lite BeckettContinue reading “Plot and Psychological Complexity are Crucial to Post Postmodern Fiction”

What Would Rilke Do?

This is another metamodern passage from my forthcoming novel, Hot Love on the Wing. Criticism is appreciated.     My words come drifting back to me in empty shades of mediocrity. What was I thinking? I was so young, so unlearned in the ways of the world. If I had just left her alone aContinue reading “What Would Rilke Do?”