My Top 20 Favorite Novels in Classic Literature

classic literatureToday I was editing my online personality on Facebook (feel free to friend me if you haven’t already (and follow me on Twitter)) and I realized that I had a long list of favorite books. A couple of weeks I was having a conversation with Jenny Jorgs about Infinite Jest and she asked me how it ranked on a list of my faves. “Top 20” I replied. And since I do think about it so often, I realized that was a fair way to rank my favorite books. I ranked them according to how influential they are on my own thinking and writing, as well as how influential they have been in the classic literature tradition. It is how I feel now about all the books I’ve read and the work I’ve done. Like all lists compiling greatness, it will change in time. But for right now, this is how I project myself to the online literary world.

Published by Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel was born in Brooklyn, NY, and has lived in Portland, Oregon. He studied literature and philosophy at NYU and creative writing at Edinburgh University. He is finishing an MFA in Fiction at University of South Carolina.

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