What Is Metamodernism?

What comes next? If this is the question then the answer is prologue. It isn’t technology, not yet, because we’re still learning how to feel comfortable with substituting new processes for old. It isn’t to repeat what was done a hundred years ago, or fifty years ago. It’s to go even farther back, to understandContinue reading “What Is Metamodernism?”

How to Patronize a Cafe

This is how to be successful in a cafe setting. First and foremost, be friendly with your baristas. If possible, know the manager. Learn their names, talk about things that interest them, and always say hello, even if they’re busy. If all else fails, discuss the coffee they are brewing. Most of them are interestedContinue reading “How to Patronize a Cafe”

How to Own a White Ball Python

Let me just say, first off, that I’ve never actually owned a white ball python. I have seen, and even handled, white ball pythons, but know very little about how to own them. This essay, then, is an exercise in my imagination and my putative expertise regarding subjects I know little about, but which IContinue reading “How to Own a White Ball Python”