Brooklyn’s Greenwood Cemetery: Doin’ It Right

Cat was giving us a tour of Brooklyn‘s Greenwood Cemetery. I biked up to the neo-Gothic entrance of the cemetery to where Cat and Laura stood waiting. Julie rolled up, looking aggressive and badass and made Laura’s acquaintance, asked how she liked South Slope, since they were both neighbors. Oh yeah, it’s great, except forContinue reading “Brooklyn’s Greenwood Cemetery: Doin’ It Right”

The Clown: Part 1, Coney Island

I met this guy and he told me he became afraid of clowns on Coney Island because that image of the laughing clown with the sharp teeth started there in the funhouse and bumper cars and he said I was there with my parents as a kid, back in the eighties, when it was remnantsContinue reading “The Clown: Part 1, Coney Island”

Why Daniel Adler’s From Brooklyn AND Portland

At work today, a Mr. Duffy pronouncedly shamed me by stating that I was from Portland, when all well know my humble beginnings in Brooklyn make me largely who I am. “How old were you when you lived in Portland?” the porcine lout asked. “I was ten, I lived there until I was eighteen.” “Your formative years, whenContinue reading “Why Daniel Adler’s From Brooklyn AND Portland”

How My Family Came to New York

Despite protests from his family Grampa Leo was confident that he could raise a family in New York. And so in 1955, when they were disappointed that their boat didn’t land at the Statue of Liberty, and saw that dominant skyline, they shared the same thought you did last time you circled JFK or LaGuardiaContinue reading “How My Family Came to New York”

Staten Island and the Jug Band

A hiatus from classic literature to mimic my weekend activities, even though read some Savage Detectives and The 42nd Parallel today. Maduros are salted sweet plaintains. I once tried to open a plaintain with my fingernails, like a monkey. I hurt the tender skin underneath my fingernail, as when you clip your nails too short.Continue reading “Staten Island and the Jug Band”

>The Strabismics Pt. 2

> They took the 6 train to Union Square and transferred to the L train. Bohemian accordian music floated hazily along the platform. Their bellies fluttered with the unknown. After a few minutes the silver train bulleted to a slow stop, humming as the robotic man’s voice said, Stand clear of the closing doors please.Continue reading “>The Strabismics Pt. 2”