Daniel Adler Surveys Singapore

Singapore is a lot how I expected it to be. Big buildings, clean, new, safe, quiet, all very nice. Some say that Singapore doesn’t have any character, but I think its niceness and lack of grit is its character. It’s the ideal modern city, a lot like Brussels in its global importance, and just asContinue reading “Daniel Adler Surveys Singapore”

Daniel Adler Comes to Terms With the End of His Trip (And His Whispering Schizophrenic Self)

I’m coming to terms with the end of my trip. I met a young man named Aaron last night at a Couchsurfing event a six-foot two German girl invited me to. It was the kind of thing I used to waffle over attending when I lived in New York: should I get on the subwayContinue reading “Daniel Adler Comes to Terms With the End of His Trip (And His Whispering Schizophrenic Self)”

Daniel Adler In Another Good And Not So Good Adventure

Daniel had a pretty fast-paced few days, he did. There’s always the adventure of being in transit and on the way to Orcha, and this time it wasn’t particularly good or bad. First off, there was that family on the bus with seven children aged between 3 and 17 laughing and talking loudly and staringContinue reading “Daniel Adler In Another Good And Not So Good Adventure”

Daniel Adler Eats Silver in Rajasthan

On a jouncy five in the afternoon bus to Kota, I shut my eyes, burning from desert dust, while wind heated my face like a hairdryer. I chose the back because my bag had to have a seat, is far too big to put up in the baggage racks. I grunted noticeably when the busContinue reading “Daniel Adler Eats Silver in Rajasthan”

Daniel Adler Gets a Better Sense of Reality

My legs felt strong after sitting all afternoon as I walked up the hill past the white lady, past the bald man, inhaling the smell of incense giving way to bull shit, then the bull, long black hairs on its penis and shit caked to its hind, I thought of what the 68-year old womanContinue reading “Daniel Adler Gets a Better Sense of Reality”

Daniel Adler Remembers the Past by Thinking About the Future

Taking a trip around the world is pretty easy. All you do is save up a few thousand dollars, which takes time, that’s the hard part, and then you buy a few plane tickets. Have an idea of where you want to go, be smart about your money, and don’t visit the most expensive places.Continue reading “Daniel Adler Remembers the Past by Thinking About the Future”

Daniel Adler In the Sikh Capital of the World

When I got off the plane I didn’t have any plans. Go near the Golden Temple and figure out where to stay. So I asked the information desk and the guy working there, a Sikh with an orange turban, said there’s a free shuttle to the Golden Temple and you can figure it out there.Continue reading “Daniel Adler In the Sikh Capital of the World”

Daniel Adler (And Dad) Stop Being Tourists In Delhi

I like Mumbai’s New York energy better than Delhi’s L.A. style. The latter is so sprawling, you need a car (or rickshaw) to get anywhere, and people are wealthier in a “You’re only going to Paris for five days?” way, whereas like New York, Mumbaians just pay more to be in certain scenes, and goContinue reading “Daniel Adler (And Dad) Stop Being Tourists In Delhi”

Daniel Adler Writes About Sex

I’ve been building to a climax, right? I’ve been on the road for eleven weeks in nine countries, and I’ve seen countless beautiful women. It came to a head in Berlin, because of everything I’d heard about it being like New York, because of how free and liberal it is, and how there are soContinue reading “Daniel Adler Writes About Sex”

Fungi’s Party And The Sweet Sadness

Patrick and I were sitting in the kitchen. I was smoking. When I finished we switched spots so he could get closer to the window since he wanted to smoke now. His hair was beginning to fall forward over his broad forehead and he looked serious as he sat in the window in his blackContinue reading “Fungi’s Party And The Sweet Sadness”